Tuesday April 18, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
No Charge
SIG 1 - CSU Assessment Meeting

California State University Academic Programs faculty, staff, and administrators responsible for Program Assessment are invited to this targeted session to share strategies on the following topics:

  • WSCUC Expectations for Reaffirmation Visits (sharing from campuses)
  • Assessment expectations across campuses - for WSCUC and the CSU
  • Graduation Writing Requirement – how can it be used to produce good writing and good assessment results?
  • Assessing the Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of the Degree
  • Simple, yet effective, assessment ideas and faculty buy-in for them



Regina Eisenbach
Dean of Academic Programs
California State University, San Marcos
Melissa Simnitt
Assessment Specialist
California State University, San Marcos
Thalia Anagnos
Associate Vice President Graduate & Undergraduate Programs
San José State University